Istanbul-Izmir motorway Izmit Gulf transit fee

Istanbul-Izmir highway Izmit Gulf passage fee: 11. Minister Yıldırım, who answered the questions of journalists at the Transportation Maritime and Communication Council 2013 Introduction Meeting, also evaluated the Istanbul - Izmir highway project and said, “The Istanbul-Izmir highway Izmit Gulf crossing project is a big project. $ 9 billion with the cost of finance. So we are talking about a project of 15-16 maybe 17 quadrillion. We are talking about a bridge that reaches 421 meters together with the 3.600 kilometer highway and the total bridge branches and the part after the feet. It is the third largest bridge in the world in its total length. “There is a lot of space between the towers, 3 meters, but after the towers, there is a lot going on ashore.

Minister Yıldırım continued as follows:

“This is a build-operate-transfer project. Vehicle warranty and bridge toll are the determinant of this work. There is no discount here because it is the determinant of this project. So the maximum amount is this upper limit. The contractor can apply a price below that if he wishes, but he cannot exceed it. Feasibility has been done accordingly. If we consider the alternatives according to the developing traffic conditions. Here the contractor has the right to apply prices under the ceiling price. But if we change it downward, we have to make the difference. It's a separate thing. If there is such a need, we will look. But such a thing is not in the contract. $ 35 is the toll. It will pass its destination in 1,5 hours in 6 minutes. Every service has a price. If he wanders the bay, he will go in 1,5 hours. But you will come from Bursa to Istanbul in 45 minutes. How great convenience. You will arrive from Izmir to Istanbul in 3-3,5 hours. These are very important things. Turkey's view is changing. In Turkey we are talking about changing the project's status.

We made an improvement regarding the end date as follows; They will grow Bursa-Istanbul especially until the end of 2015. They will also have completed a 50-kilometer connection by the İzmir-Ankara-İzmir road and the İzmir-Aydın highway. They will finish the regions where 80 percent of the major traffic movements are traffic movements by 2015. They will complete the other part in the years after that.

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