250 million dollars in Xnumx million TL was done in Gaziantep

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250 million dollars in Xnumx million TL was done in Gaziantep
Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Asım Güzelbey said, As At that time, we were a municipality on the black list of the treasure. With the activities and investments we have made, we became a municipality which is shown as an example throughout the world today. Yap
Emerging Gaziantep Guzelbey describing the project, "2004 year period I'm the mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality was Turkey's second most indebted municipalities with 1 326 million billion dollars. So today was twice that of Turkey's debt to the IMF. These debts did not include trades, market, and debts to the contractor. Only on the official website was the debit. For example, 1999 memiş 2004 has never been paid electricity. He's accumulated, and he's got trillions. There were many unpaid debts like this. Bun
On the other hand, the city is constantly growing and need new investments, which voiced Güzelbey, one of the city's biggest problems in transportation, he said. Noting that the transport of the citizen with tin-like minibuses and buses are wrong, Güzelbey said they decided to make a tram from here. Mayor Güzelbey explained that the municipality that solved the transportation is a successful municipality and that one of the most important factors in the solution of this problem is the transfer of public transportation.
Metro and tram on the mass transit of how to get a reaction to the action of the beautiful point, saying that they do not have the possibility to make metro transfers. For the subway, both the financial opportunities of the city and the city's historical fabric due to the fact that they did not dig in the Güzelbey, Gaziantep, a large part of the city is full of historical ruins, he said. In this case, according to their own conditions to make the most beautiful tram transfer Güzelbey, continued his speech as follows:
“We are on the black list of the treasury because of the old debts. We can't borrow a penny. Well, in this case, we thought how to do the tram. I have not received a single penny foreign loan during my 9 annual mission. No one gives and the treasure does not allow. We even had a hard time with the money we received as a grant. The Treasury is very strict about it. I'm glad she's been tough. Because Turkey has attracted much past the pain of it, and went to three figures inflation, he fell into debt. Well, what we do, the municipalities are not available. But we also have to do this tram. We have put our own resources and our Iller Bank income. Biz
The door gate and the last of Germany, even in Frankfurt, working in a beautiful tram, they said they have taken these trams thanks to bilateral relations. Trams are in the old models, but they work in transfer Güzelbey, said:
De We found a company in Berlin to renovate these trams. These companies have asked 500 a thousand euros for a tram. We then sent a team to these companies and we received training from them. There was a repair wagon factory in Eskişehir, TÜLOMSAŞ. We talked and agreed with this factory. We brought the trams to Eskişehir and renewed them here. We just renewed the tram and trolley with wheels. Years later, a top-level official from Frankfurt came and couldn't recognize the trams in Gaziantep. Yıl
The first stage of the 15 kilometers of a tram line they do and it's construction, including the line, the car costs 47 million TL with all the costs of transfer, said. We have contributed to our municipality's budget with these opportunities and projects. in the form of.

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  2. I appreciate your success will be when there's something I wonder you have done for the disabled access to the tram stop well handicapped children or women in his car to how to get on the tram also does not enter why the tram to the bus station you ban services income earned from transportation anywhere enters otoger tram or subway turkey you why küçümsüyos since you owe the debt monetize I think pay is the greatest investment in transportation.

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