Earthquake warning system

📩 22/12/2018 16:15

the fact that the railways of Turkey's earthquake was also mobilized. A "fast warning system" will be installed for high-speed trains on railways with earthquake risk. Thanks to this system, high-speed trains will be able to detect the earthquake early and be stopped with sudden braking.

The railways also took action after the Van earthquake. A rapid warning system will be installed for high-speed trains on the railway route with an earthquake risk. Hardware to detect the earthquake warning system will be installed in 6 high-speed trains to be purchased.

The State Railways and Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute are working together.

According to the new system, earthquake sensors will be placed at certain points on the railroad at intervals of 5 kilometers and an alarm will be given based on the magnitude of earthquakes to be determined by these sensors.

The incoming signal railways will be delivered to the traffic control centers via trains and the rapid trains will be stopped with sudden braking.

The study is initially valid only for Eskişehir-Istanbul stage. However, it will be expanded to other lines later. The project is still in the phase of completion of its infrastructure, but as of 2013, a "fast warning system" will be available.

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