Tokat Turhal Railway Project

Railway Between Tokat-Turhal: It has been reported that the location works for the 40-kilometer railway network that will connect Tokat to Turhal District have been started. The railway network, which passes through the Turhal, Zile, Artova and Yeşilyurt districts of Tokat, is also aimed to relax the city in terms of transportation and transportation. In this sense, the technical delegation, which came to Tokat from the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airports Construction, started a week-long feasibility studies.

While the estimated cost of the 40 kilometer railway between Tokat and Turhal will be 40 to 60 million YTL, the study is aimed to be included in the 2007 investment program. The works and the point reached were discussed at the meeting held in the Governor's Library Meeting Room. Governor Erdoğan Gürbüz stated that Tokat was witnessing in his speech and said, “We have no sea but we have a train. Now this year it's time for the railway. State Railways is working on the project for connection from Turhal. We wanted to share this good news with our people. ”

AK Party Tokat Deputy Ergün Dağcıoğlu noted that Tokat has made a leap forward in development in recent years. Stating that the project that will connect Tokat with Turhal as a result of the technical work, Dağcıoğlu was primarily accepted as an acceptable project in the Ministry of Transport, he said, “We are here for the location of the contractor firm that has been awarded the project. He will get the Tokat railway as soon as possible. ” Mayor Adnan Çiçek stated that his project is under construction and said, “Our city will be very beautiful in the future. However, this is not something that will happen tomorrow. When our people say that the railway will be built, they will go and look at it the next day. We will continue this and conclude this business. ” Lastly speaking at the meeting, the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airports Construction, DLH Deputy General Manager Ahmet Kuşhanoğlu noted that the location of the project was determined. The meeting was attended by Governor Erdoğan Gürbüz, Ak Parti Tokat Deputy Ergün Dağcıoğlu, Tokat Mayor Adnan Çiçek, Tokat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TTSO) President Orhan Sarıtaşlı, and technical delegation and contractor company officials from the ministry.



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