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Our site, which adds life news to its portfolio as well as railway, road, cable car, transportation and defense industry news. RayHaber in sectoral journalism 10 is proud to complete his year! 10 years of uninterrupted service RayHaberis a gigantic broadcasting company that publishes 75 thousand news with its innovative and impartial journalism approach.

RayHaber In addition to the 75 thousand news on our website, we welcome an average of 20 thousand unique visitors per day, with daily tender bulletins and 70-year railway archive.

Our aim is to carry our daily visitor count was 100 thousand, Alexa site ranking first 10.000 national, to enter into the 1.000 site in Turkey.

  • Railway news / Railway auctions
  • Cable car news / Cable car auctions
  • Defense news / Defense tenders
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Establishment 23.11.2011
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Our News 45 It is published in different languages ​​and is followed by people and agencies that follow sectoral news in their mother tongue. Here are our languages ​​that are translated automatically by a smart algorithm:

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