Level crossings prevent loss of life

Level crossings will prevent loss of lives: 4 in Manisa's Alaşehir district will be made a separate level crossing reported. Mayor of Alaşehir Gökhan Karaçoban; State Railways of Alasehir Municipality 3. Regional Directorate [more…]

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Foreign influx to Canal Istanbul

Foreign influx to Kanal Istanbul: Foreign investors from 20 countries from the Far East to Europe took Kanal Istanbul and the 3rd Airport on their radar. Foreigners bought 2 thousand acres of land The crazy project is the route of Kanal Istanbul [more…]


This triumph was the bird of fortune

Determination of bridge and connection paths, 3. airport and marina project in the preliminary design phase has blown land prices in the triangle of Karaburun-Yeniköy-Tayakadın. Lack of mines and transportation infrastructure in the immediate vicinity until short time ago [more…]

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3. Airport to exceed 11 billion

Airport will exceed TL 11 Transport, Maritime, Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, 3 to be held in Istanbul. Airport tender 3 May 2013 on 10.00'da announced in the presence of the press. Lightning 3. the airport project; [more…]

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3. Ground survey studies of the bridge started

The secret location of the airport to be built in Istanbul has been revealed. Ground studies of the airport to be built on the Black Sea coast, between Eyüp and Arnavutköy, have been started. The map that is stated to belong to the new airport (on the right). 13 of the Council of Ministers [more…]