Woman's troops at the steering wheel
34 Istanbul

IETT's Women Drivers At The Wheel!

3 female drivers who succeeded in the exams and were subjected to 9-month training by IETT started to work today. Ekrem İmamoğlu, the President of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), is going to work for female drivers on buses. [more…]

Women's Drivers in Izmir started to work
35 Izmir

Women Chauffeur Starts in İzmir

A new era in public transportation has started in İzmir. Following the decision of Mayor Tunç Soyer to include female drivers in buses, ESHOT General Directorate took action and 17 passed exams successfully. [more…]

Vanin Gives Women Bus Buses
65 Van

Van's Women Bus Drivers Give Trust

Women who worked as a chauffeur in the buses of Van Metropolitan Municipality were in charge of 8 March International Women's Day. 5 has been working in the city buses connected to Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation for nearly 3 years. [more…]


Transportation Management in Fethiye

With the positive discrimination it initiated for women, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, which included 13 female drivers in public transportation vehicles, made a discrimination in Fethiye and made public transportation, parking and transportation planning units. [more…]