34 Istanbul

Metrobüste new application!

IMM took action to prevent illegal boarding of the metrobus. Passengers who wanted to get on the metrobus illegally via the E-5 caused frequent accidents. Finally, those who want to get on illegally by crossing the barriers in Merter yesterday [more…]


Wire Mesh Taken to Hamsu Bridge

Wire Mesh on Hamsu Bridge: Wire mesh was drawn on the edges of Hamsu Bridge in Hürriyet neighborhood of Bilecik. Approximately 150 meters connecting Eskişehir İstanbul highway and city center by Bilecik Branch Directorate of Highways. [more…]

35 Izmir

Wire mesh theft from İZBAN line

Theft of wire mesh from the İZBAN line: In Torbalı, where infrastructure works are continuing in the Izmir Suburban (İZBAN) system, a person was caught stealing the wire mesh used to isolate the railway from the environment. Between Torbali and Çaybaşı [more…]


Great danger in the high-speed train line

Great danger on the high-speed train line: We traveled with the neighborhood headman Mustafa Yaman, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of İzmit, whose population exceeds one thousand 7, and we saw what was being done and the people of the neighborhood. [more…]