Intense demand from European domestic freight wagons
58 Sivas

High Demand for Domestic Freight Wagons from Europe

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan stated that a total of 400 freight wagons will be produced for the Austria-based GATX company with the cooperation of TÜDEMSAŞ and the private sector, and said, “We will also supply 200 90-foot wagons to the Europe-based TOUAX company [more…]

Adana TCDD Train Station Telephone Numbers
Intercity Railways

TCDD eTicket System EYBIS and Trenmatik

TCDD Electronic Ticket System EYBİS: EYBİS; TCDD is the short name of Electronic Ticket Processing System. EYBİS is a virtual environment where you can make all ticket-related transactions of TCDD trains. Physical Ticket End (e-ticket) YHT [more…]

Adana TCDD Train Station Telephone Numbers
Intercity Railways

Buy TCDD Train Tickets - EYBİS

Buy TCDD Train Ticket – EYBIS; It is the short name of TCDD Electronic Ticket Processing System. EYBIS is a secure website and application where you can do all the ticket transactions of TCDD trains. INNOVATIONS OF THE SYSTEM [more…]

volkswagen's cars will be transported like this
26 Eskisehir

Volkswagen's Cars Will Be Moved Like This

The images of the "two-deck wagon" prototype, which is expected to carry the cars that Turkey Locomotive and Motor Industry AŞ (TÜLOMSAŞ) will produce in the new factory that the German giant Volkswagen will establish in Turkey, is on HABERTÜRK for the first time in Turkey. Here, TÜLOMSAŞ' of [more…]

railroad wagons derailed in Mersin
33 Mersin

Freight Train Wagons Derailed in Mersin

In Tarsus district of Mersin, the wagons of the freight train derailed for an undetermined reason. According to the information obtained, some of the wagons of the freight train going from Mersin to Adana, while approaching the Tarsus Station, for an undetermined reason. [more…]

old wagons come to life in tudemsasta
58 Sivas

Old Wagons Come to Life in TUDEMSAS

Gbs type covered wagons, which are idle in the TCDD vehicle park, were converted into Lgs type container wagons by TÜDEMSAŞ and re-introduced into the economy. kazanbeing yelled. It was designed by TÜDEMSAŞ R&D team and in 2014, Wagon Repair [more…]

dirins are making a train wagon a day
35 Izmir

Dirinler Making a Train Car in a Day

Dirinler, which has been manufacturing machine tools and presses in İzmir since 1952, has made a double revolution in the rail system with the Drinns brand. From the Underground Lathe, which reduces the process that takes 30 days to 10 minutes. [more…]

do tram cars for men and women in Turkey?
42 Konya

Survey for Tram in Konya

Selcuk Mescid Group launched a digital signature campaign on in order to separate trams for men and women in Konya. The community members who started the campaign expressed some problems in the use of public transportation services. [more…]