Intense demand from European domestic freight wagons
58 Sivas

High Demand for Domestic Freight Wagons from Europe

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan stated that a total of 400 freight wagons will be produced for Austria-based GATX company in cooperation with TÜDEMSAŞ-private sector, and said, “200 units of 90-foot container transport wagons and 600 for the European-based TOUAX company. [more…]

Domestic locomotives and wagons added to Iran's railways
98 Iran

Domestic Locomotives and Wagons Added to Iran Railways

213 wagons and locomotives produced in Iran were put into service with a ceremony. Saied Rasouli, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (RAI), said the number of locomotives and wagons produced domestically increased by 58%, according to an agreement signed with the budget last year. [more…]

fire in Egypt's passenger train carriage
20 Egypt

Fire in Egypt's Passenger Train Wagon

A wagon became unusable as a result of the fire in the passenger train in Egypt. The wagon of a passenger train caught fire in the Kefr el-Zayat region of Egypt's Garbia province. While many fire trucks were dispatched to the scene, intensive work [more…]

tudemsas welcomes deans of technology faculties
58 Sivas

TÜDEMSAŞ Hosted Deans of Faculty of Technology

13. Faculty members and deans who came to Sivas to meet the Deans Council of Faculties of Technology visited TÜDEMSAŞ production sites. Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Rector Prof. Dr. On the first day of the meeting organized under the chairmanship of Mehmet Sarıbıyık, at Cumhuriyet University, the General Manager [more…]

train ticket phone number tcdd contact
Intercity Railways

TCDD eTicket System EYBIS and Trenmatik

TCDD Electronic Ticket System EYBİS: EYBİS; It is the short name of TCDD Electronic Ticket Processing System. EYBİS is a virtual environment where you can perform all transactions related to tickets of TCDD trains. No Physical Ticket (e-ticket) YHT and main line train tickets [more…]

train ticket phone number tcdd contact
Intercity Railways

Buy TCDD Train Tickets - EYBİS

Buy TCDD Train Tickets - EYBİS; It is the short name of TCDD Electronic Ticket Processing System. EYBİS is a secure website and application where you can perform all transactions related to tickets of TCDD trains. WHAT ARE THE INNOVATIONS OF THE SYSTEM? No Physical Ticket (e-ticket) [more…]

volkswagen's cars will be transported like this
26 Eskisehir

Volkswagen's Cars Will Be Moved Like This

Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry AŞ (TULOMSAS), the German giant Volkswagen is expected to carry the new factory in the cars to be produced or to be established in Turkey "two-storey wagon" prototype images, the first time in HaberTürk ... Here in Turkey, TULOMSAS ' Turkish engineers and technicians in Eskişehir's facilities [more…]

railroad wagons derailed in Mersin
33 Mersin

Freight Train Wagons Derailed in Mersin

The wagons of the freight train in Mersin Tarsus district derailed for an unknown reason. According to the information obtained, some wagons of the freight train going from Mersin to Adana direction derailed for an unidentified reason when approaching the Tarsus Station. It's the short distance [more…]

old wagons come to life in tudemsasta
58 Sivas

Old Wagons Come to Life in TUDEMSAS

GBS type closed wagons, which are idle in the TCDD vehicle park, are converted into Lgs type container wagons by TÜDEMSAŞ and brought back to the economy. 2014, one of the wagons designed by TÜDEMSAŞ R & D team, started transformation in Wagon Repair Factory in 218. [more…]

freight wagons produced in medium will be sent to Azerbaijani
58 Sivas

Freight Wagons Produced In Sivasta Will Be Sent To Azerbaijan

Freight wagons produced in Sivas will be sent to Azerbaijan. Production started for the prototype of 2 freight cars. If the agreement is reached, 600 wagons will be produced. If the wagons produced by TÜDEMSAŞ pass the tests, an income of 36 million dollars will be obtained from Azerbaijan. TÜDEMSAŞ Deputy General Manager Mehmet [more…]

mechanic theft of train wagons in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Mechanical Parts Theft from Train Wagons in Eskişehir

750 people were detained on suspicion that they stole various mechanical parts from the train wagons belonging to the Turkish State Railways in Eskişehir, valued at approximately 2 thousand liras. According to the information received, Eskişehir Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams were parked in the Karagözler District. [more…]

dirins are making a train wagon a day
35 Izmir

Dirinler Making a Train Car in a Day

Dirinler, who has been manufacturing machine tools and presses in Izmir since 1952, has signed a double revolution in the rail system with the Drinns brand. After the Underground Lathe, which reduced the 30-day process to 10 minutes, this time a train [more…]