historic doctor wagon
64 Uşak

History Doctor Wagon Meets Usak

The Doctor Wagon (Sanitary Emergency Wagon), restored by TCDD İzmir 3rd Regional Directorate, was brought to Uşak Station to be exhibited within the framework of the 95th Anniversary celebrations of the Republic. Within the framework of the 95th Anniversary celebrations of our Republic, we went to Uşak Train Station. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Black Train in Tuzla

Black Train in Tuzla: The Black Train, which was brought from Uşak Station by Tuzla Municipality to be exhibited in the district, started to welcome its guests and enthusiasts with its 74-year history. For many years, in the Turkish Republic State Railways, [more…]


Historical building of TCDD collapsed in Uşak

Historical building belonging to TCDD collapsed in Uşak: During the renovation work carried out in the historical building belonging to TCDD, worker Nihat Şahin, who was under the rubble as a result of the collapse of the roof and one wall of the building, died at the scene. [more…]