big demand for orange table application
06 Ankara

Great Demand for Orange Table Application at YHT Stations

Within the scope of the “Accessibility of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey Project” carried out under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure with the goal of barrier-free transportation, the “Orange Table” service points, which were launched on 02 December 2019 in railway transportation, are daily [more…]

Improvements in transportation services for disabled people
06 Ankara

Improvements in Transport Services for Disabled People

Improvements are made in the Transportation Services of the Disabled; Minister Turhan, in the second step of the "Let's Listen to Our Children, Change Their Lives Project", realized within the scope of the goal of "handicapped transportation, barrier-free tourism, barrier-free life", provided high-speed trains for 20 individuals with special needs. [more…]

Removing Obstacles
06 Ankara

'Barriers' in Transportation Are Removed

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan stated that they have produced many projects for the disabled as the Ministry and said, “We have done and will continue to do serious work in order for them to be involved more in daily life.” said. [more…]

unhindered transportation and communication
06 Ankara

Unhindered Transportation and Communication

There are approximately 10 million disabled citizens in our country. Under the leadership of our Ministry, adımlar Barrier-Free Transport and Communication ”activities have taken important steps towards structuring all transportation systems according to the needs of disabled citizens. TCDD Transportation General [more…]