Derince Port signed a transfer contract

Transfer agreement signed at Derince Port: The transfer agreement of operating rights of Derince Port, which belongs to the General Directorate of State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, was signed. Derince, which belongs to the General Directorate of the Republic of Turkey State Railways Administration (TCDD) [more…]

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What have I done?

Alas, what did I do: The passenger train that made the Adana-Mersin expedition crashed in the Adanalıoğlu District of the Central Mediterranean District of Mersin. It is claimed that the accident occurred due to the failure of the warning barrier. This morning in MERSIN [more…]

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BTS: Level crossing accident not murder

BTS: Not the accident at the level crossing, but the murder. Unified Transport Workers Union (BTS), 10 people were killed and 4 people were injured when the passenger train hit the minibus carrying workers in the level crossing between Adana and Mersin. [more…]

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TCDD: Train shut down barrier and train hits minibus

TCDD: While the guard was closing the barrier, the train hit the minibus: General Directorate of Turkish State Railways Administration (TCDD), at the Bağcılar level crossing with guard and barrier in working condition between Taşkent and Huzurkent in Mersin, the gate guard [more…]


YHT Line Will Pass through Kütahya

YHT Line will pass through Kütahya: AK Party Kütahya Mayor candidate Kamil Saraçoğlu stated that the Eskişehir-Antalya YHT line will pass through Kütahya. Ak Party Kütahya Mayor Candidate Kamil Saracoğlu, Eskişehir-Antalya High Speed [more…]

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Unlawfulness registered in the capital

The unlawfulness in Başkentray was registered: Ankara Regional Administrative Court found the cancellation of the tender unlawful and stopped the execution. The lawlessness in the Başkentray tender, which was made by TCDD last year, was registered with a court decision. To the Kolin-Gülermak partnership [more…]

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Additional credit for High Speed ​​Train!

It was announced that the agreement regarding the loan of 200 million Euros from the European Investment Bank for High Speed ​​​​Train was signed. Undersecretariat of Treasury, European Investment for the additional financing of Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​​​Train Project [more…]

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200 million euro credit to the fast train

200 million euro loan for high-speed train The agreement regarding the 200 million euro loan to be provided by the European Investment Bank for the additional financing of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​​​Train Project will be signed on 10 June. State of the Republic of Turkey [more…]

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98 Iran

Increased Between Iran Train Trips Turkey

Train services between Turkey and Iran were increased. The Republic of Turkey State Railways Administration (TCDD) General Directorate increased the train services between Turkey and Iran due to the Nowruz Festival. In the written statement made by the General Directorate of TCDD, Nevruz Festival [more…]


TCDD History and Nostalgic Images

History of TCDD and Nostalgic Images History of the railroad in the Ottoman territory (History of TCDD), 1851 was granted the privilege of the 211 km Cairo-Alexandria Railway line in 23, and the history of the railways within today's national borders is XNUMX. [more…]