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TCDD's burden on the public will be reduced

TCDD's burden on the public will be reduced: It is aimed to reduce the financial burden of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) on the public to a sustainable level. From the new Medium Term Program prepared by the Ministry of Development and covering the period of 2016-2018. [more…]

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National train on rails in November

National train on rails in November: Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık said the national train will be on rails in November. National Electric Locomotive Science, Industry and Technology [more…]


National Fast Train to Test Center Countdown

Countdown for the Center to Test the National High Speed ​​​​Train: In Eskişehir, the National Rail Systems Center of Excellence (URAYSİM), the construction of which will begin in the first quarter of next year and will be completed by Anadolu University (AU), will be completed in the same year. [more…]

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National Train to be Tested in Eskisehir

National Train to be Tested in Eskişehir: It was stated that with the "National Rail Systems Research and Test Center (URAYSİM)" to be established in Eskişehir, the test and certification processes of the national train, which is planned to be on the rails in 2018, will be carried out. URAYSIM [more…]


Tülomsaş Discussion in Eskişehir

Eskişehirde Tulomsas Debate: Eskisehir Officer-Sen connected Transport Officer-Sen Branch Chairman Metin Yildiz, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry in public Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) by referring to the comments made on that TÜLOMSAŞ the attrition studied asserted. [more…]


Railways specialize

With the amendment to the draft law on the privatization of railways, domestic and foreign companies were granted the right to use their railways free of charge for the year 49. Back to the regulation that allows companies to operate on the national railway network [more…]