General Directorate of TULOMSAS

The contractor General Directorate of Labor Claims: Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. General Directorate will take 90 workers in various professions. Applications will be made through İşkur. Permanent Employee Recruitment Notice. To the following professions [more…]


First Domestic Fast Train Coming

First comes the domestic high-speed train: high-speed train cars after the Revolution's first domestic car devrimi.türkiye Revolution created Tulomsas, now also will produce the first domestic high-speed trains. The company that opened the design tender, 'This train [more…]


Turkey's only locomotive manufacturer TULOMSAS

Turkey's only locomotive manufacturer TÜLOMSAŞ, which has a deep-rooted history and experience in the field of locomotive production and maintenance, and is Turkey's only locomotive manufacturer, was founded in 1894 during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Sultan Abdulhamit Han. [more…]


Gaziantep light rail system

Gaziantep light rail system Route OK Wagons In repair 3 of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality's light rail system project. studies were started. 12 brought from Germany while determining the stops in the light rail Ibrahimli line project [more…]