happy july machinists day
06 Ankara

Happy 3rd of July Machinists Day

In our 163-year Turkish railway history, in our railway lines that bring prosperity, abundance and happiness to all corners of our country; 7/24, 365 days, our active staff, who ensures the rotation of the train wheel in all climatic conditions, without watching holidays. [more…]

ottoman railways mail history

Postal History of the Ottoman Railways

In the Ottoman Empire, the British, French and Germans, who were granted railway concessions, had separate spheres of influence. France; Northern Greece, Western and Southern Anatolia and Syria, England; Romania, Western Anatolia, Iraq and Basra [more…]

tudemsas has a promise of promising cikalmali
58 Sivas

TÜDEMSAŞ Promises Hope

TÜDEMSAŞ is able to carry out the works of the Chinese company which has been awarded the Metro tender. Hou Bo, Liu Huanjun and Yang Lie of CRRC from China and Liu Hao from Zeer visited TUDEMSAS. General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ [more…]


How Much Rail is So Much Development

How Much Very Much O Railroad Development: In the 1923 and after the War of Independence was proclaimed the Republic of Turkey's total railway length was kilometrar 378 thousand .... Railways ına The economic, social and cultural life of our country [more…]


Railway lines from Ottoman to present

Railway lines from the Ottomans to the present day: The Hijaz Railway was built by the Ottoman State and all of it was supplied from domestic sources. In a state of “Backward! X, 1900, 1500 km of its own knowledge, people and all from their own resources [more…]