temsa is being resold so who will buy
34 Istanbul

Temsa Sold Again! So Who Will Buy?

According to the breaking news, 50 percent of Temsa, which struggled with foreclosures after declaring the concordat, will be bought by Sabancı Holding and the other fifty percent by Czech trolleybus manufacturer Skoda. Thus, Sabancı Holding 9 [more…]

railway workers strike in greece
30 Greece

Railway Workers Strike in Greece

Against the New Democracy government's 'Growth Act', railway workers in Athens announced that they will strike 24 hourly. Employees of subway, tram, bus and trolleybuses in Athens will meet the New Democracy (ND) government's 'Growth Act' provisions. [more…]

journey in history in istanbul moda tram
34 Istanbul

A Journey in History in Istanbul Moda Tram

Journey through History in Istanbul 'Fashion Tram'. Istanbul is a city where transportation vehicles are transformed day by day with its expanding residential area throughout its history. From thrones to springs, from horse-drawn trams to trolleybuses, nowadays cars, subways, buses, minibuses. [more…]

06 Ankara

National and National TCV Trambüslerimiz

The need for a rail system infrastructure with high passenger capacity due to its rail system body, which receives its power from the electric catheter system hanging along the road, which is charged by the battery system in places where there is no power line. [more…]

public transport to moskovada
7 Russia

Increase in public transport fees in Moscow

In Moscow, the capital of Russia, public transport fares have been hiked as of January 2, 2018. The hike rates, which are stated to be adjusted for inflation, did not exceed 3,8 percent. Moscow Department of Transport, which made a statement to the press on the subject. [more…]


Urfa wants rail system

Urfalar wants a rail system: Sanliurfa Mayor Nihat Ciftci recently announced that a large part of the city's rail accounts will be made in the public accounts. Negotiating for rail system [more…]


Şanlıurfa Trolleybus Project Tender Completed

Şanlıurfa Trolleybus Project Tender Held: The Trolleybus (Trambus) project, which is included in the 2017 investment program of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, was tendered yesterday. Regarding the project, Şanlıurfa Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Zone [more…]


Debates on the Şanlıurfa Trolleybus Project

Discussions on the Şanlıurfa Trolleybus Project Continues: The debate on the trolleybus project, which will be held by the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality on the tender of 24 April Monday, continues. There are also positive opinions about the project on social media [more…]

30 Greece

Attack with Molotov Cocktails at Atina

Attack on Trolleybuses in Athens with Molotov Cocktails: In Athens, the capital of Greece, 3 trolleybuses that were burned as a result of the thrown Molotov cocktail became unusable. A group stopped 3 trolleybuses on Patission Street, near the Eksarhia district. [more…]


Manisa met for Metropolitan Trolleybus Project

Manisa met for Metropolitan Trolleybus Project: Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün, who is continuing to work on implementing modern systems in transportation, Metropolitan Municipality officials regarding the trolleybus project they planned in the city center [more…]

38 Ukrayna

Odesa Trolleybus Tender

Odesa Trolleybus Procurement Tender: A tender was opened by Odesa Municipality for the purchase of trolleybus to be used in Odessa with the loan obtained from the European Investment Bank (EBRD). Within the framework of the information announced on the official website of EBRD on 20 / 09 / 2016 [more…]


As if Trambus Marketing Agent

Trambus Marketing Personnel: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality as a project to be put forward, preference, tender, adequacy, suitability, manufacturing stage, testing stage, operation, manufacturing company in terms of all opportunities to provide marketing contribution [more…]

7 Russia

Moscow Says Farewell to Trolleybuses

If a list were made of the elements that paralyze traffic in the center of Moscow, trolleybuses would probably find a definite place at the top of the list… The veteran trolleybuses, most of which are of museum age, break down and break down when maneuvering. [more…]