Support for samsunspor tomorrow tram free
55 Samsun

Samsunspor Supporter Tram Free

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir announced that the tram will be free between 13.30 - 10.00, for the fans going to Yılport Samsunspor - Amed Sportive Activities match, which will be played at 16.30:XNUMX tomorrow. President Mustafa [more…]

nostalgic tram story
54 Sakarya

The Racked Nostalgic Tram Story in Düzce

The Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality's nostalgic tram project brought up the nostalgic tram that was removed after being implemented in its neighboring Düzce for 2 years. What was that nostalgic tram? Medyabar was put on the shelf after 2 years in Düzce [more…]

In Eskisehir, students distributed books on the tram
26 Eskisehir

In Eskişehir, Students Delivered Books on Tram

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, Estram and Gazi Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School jointly organized within the scope of the social responsibility project of the school students' awareness of the social assistance club on the tram 'Do you read with us?' [more…]