Unification of Tramways Increases Passenger Capacity

Increasing the stops and increasing the wagons in the trams operated by Gaziulaş, a subsidiary of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, increased the passenger capacity. The capacity of the vehicles running in the rail system as a result of making them operable and extending the stops. [more…]


Akçaray stops began to take shape

Akçaray stops started to take shape: Within the scope of the Akçaray Project, which is being constructed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, work continues at the stops where tram vehicles will take passengers. 11 will allow people with disabilities [more…]


OMÜ Students Launch Signature Campaign

OMU Students Launch Signature Campaign: Problems at tram stops in Samsun infuriated OMÜ students. After the extension of the tram line, the fee received in the first edition is refunded according to the number of stops. Nationals of a [more…]


Extension of tram stops in Gaziantep continues

Efforts to extend the tram stops in Gaziantep continue: In order to operate the trams in a row, the existing stations are continuing to extend the stops in order to ensure the boarding-and-boarding of the second tram. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, increasing passengers [more…]


Samulaş'dan Samsunspor'a Gesture

From Samulaş to Samsunspor Gesture: Samulaş Samsunspor's 51 to all tram, bus and tram stops in Samsun. Celebration of his birthday hanged Samulaş Samsunspor's 51 to all tram, bus and tram stops in Samsun. With birthday [more…]


New Regulation for Tram and Stations in Gaziantep

New Arrangement for Trams and Stations in Gaziantep: In the statement, it was stated that the stop extension work of the Gar-Mavikent line to Gaziantep University (GAÜN) was completed, and the following information was included. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, by extending the tram stops, [more…]


Spring cleaning at tram stops in Kayseri

Spring cleaning at tram stops in Kayseri: It was seen that Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. had spring cleaning done in order to provide hygiene at the stations belonging to trams used in urban transportation. To provide fast and reliable transportation to citizens [more…]

New Konya Tram

Names of Konya Tram Stations Changed

The names of some tram stops in Konya have changed: Konya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System, Alaaddin - Selcuk University Rail System Line by changing some station names, Alaaddin Adliye stops [more…]


Is the name of tram stops in Kony changed?

Has the name of the tram stops in Konya been changed: The shares of “The names of the tram stops in Konya have been changed” on social media confused. In the content of the news shared with the headline “The names of tram stops in Konya have been changed” on social media, “Türmak [more…]


Tram Stops in Eskişehir Cleaned

Tram Stops in Eskişehir Cleaned: Estram cleaning teams are cleaning 104 tram stops and tram lines used in urban transportation within the program. Estram cleaning teams are using 110 cleaning teams, which are used by an average of 104 thousand people a day. [more…]


ESTRAM Becomes an Example to the World

ESTRAM Sets an Example to the World: Eskişehir light rail transportation system ESTRAM sets an example to the world with its innovative and contemporary transportation system. In the past months, the operation of the tram to the delegations from South Korea and Uzbekistan [more…]


Night Cleaning at Tram Stops in Eskisehir

Night Cleaning at Tram Stops: Teams of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality clean tram stops later in the night. Teams of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality are cleaning tram stops later in the night. An important transportation in the city [more…]


Improvements in tramway interchanges in Konya

Improvements in tramway interchanges in Konya: During the month of Ramadan, tradesmen will keep their workplaces open until the battle, but especially due to the lack of transportation due to closed roads at central points, it will cause people to spend days in difficult times. [more…]

07 Antalya

90 Student Read a Book on the Tram

90 Students Read Books on the Tram: Within the scope of the 'Timeless and placeless readings' event of the ANADOLU Youth Association (AGD) Antalya Branch, 90 students first read at the stops and then on the tram. Spouses all over Turkey [more…]


50 Security Personnel Response

Dismissed 50 Security Personnel Reactive: Security personnel working on a tram line in Eskişehir and working for a private security company claimed that they were fired without informing them. A special [more…]

pink tram

Male Interest in the Pink Tram

Male Interest in Pink Tram: SP Provincial Organization members launched a petition 'We want a pink tram for women's use' in Cumhuriyet Square. It was surprising that more men than women showed interest in this campaign.5 [more…]


Tram stops in Eskişehir

Tram services stopped in Eskişehir: The heavy rain that was effective in Eskişehir turned into a flood. Tram services stopped. Many homes and businesses were flooded. Heavy rain in the afternoon Central Odunpazarı [more…]

16 Bursa

Revolution in Bursa

Revolution in Bursa transportation: CHP Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate Necati Şahin stated that the main issues of Bursa are public transportation and traffic, and when they come to office [more…]