vehicle on the train tracks left on the panige road
58 Sivas

Vehicle Remaining on Train Tracks in Sivas Caused Panic

In Sivas, the car that was left on the train tracks was prevented from being hit by the railbus, which was making the Sivas-Divriği expedition, at the last moment. The remaining car on the train line was removed from the train track with the help of the passengers who got off the railbus and the citizens who came to the region. 58 [more…]

dalaman train station
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Dalaman Train Station

There is a station in Muğla Dalaman. To date, neither a train has arrived nor a single ticket has been bought from the box office. The summary of his story is, in one word, “confusion”… When the train station is mentioned, separations come to mind. [more…]

34 Istanbul

KadıköyTrains Decay in Flood

In the course of decades, they carried millions of passengers, maybe billions, from Haydarpaşa Train Station to Gebze. In every wagon there were memories, hopes flourished, as memorable nostalgia. [more…]

91 India

Bombs On Rails In India

In India, the police went to the scene after a report that a large object, thought to be a bomb, was found on the train tracks and that it could be a bomb that would be detonated while the train was passing. India evaluating the notice [more…]

Intercity Railways

Old Man Commits Suicide On Railroad Tracks

81-year-old Fahrettin Tuna, who was lying on the train line in Mersin's Tarsus District, ended his life by leaving himself under the train. According to the information received, the incident occurred at the level crossing between Fahrettinpaşa District and Kemalpaşa District. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Trapped in Railways in Erzincan

EYP Trapped on Train Rails in Erzincan Detected at the Last Moment Two hand-made explosives were found trapped on the rails of the Erzincan-Sivas railway line. At noon near Cebesoy between Erzincan and Kemah district [more…]

Intercity Railways

Bomb laid on the railroad in Batman, destroyed

The bomb laid on the railway in Batman was destroyed: The handmade explosives trapped on the railway near Batman's Doluca village were defused by the Gendarmerie. In the statement made by Batman Governorship, “Batman-Kurtalan railway is located in Batman [more…]

Intercity Railways

In The Batmanda On The Rail

The train hit the minibus on the rail in Batman: No one was killed or injured. The accident occurred in the neighborhood of the town. According to the information obtained, İ. A. 34 JU 2379 plate-guided train with van [more…]

12 Bingol

2 Village Ranger Injured On Bingol Rails

Explosion on the Railroads of Bingöl 2 Village Guards Wounded: In the Suveren region of the Genç District of Bingöl, the handmade explosive device placed on the railway tracks by PKK terrorists was detonated while the patrolling village guards were passing. Young District of Bingol [more…]


Freight Train Derailed in Yozgat

Freight Train Derailed in Yozgat: As a result of the 7 wagons of the train carrying empty fuel tanks in the Yerköy district of Yozgat, the Yerköy-Ankara railway was closed to transportation. According to the information obtained, in the Sekili Village Mevkii of the Yerköy district, [more…]


Gebze cars fell near train tracks

The car fell next to the train tracks in Gebze: 15 people were injured as a result of the car flying down about 4 meters from the bridge in Gebze. According to the information received; 45-year-old Hacı, who was crossing the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge [more…]