malatyali minis learning traffic
44 Malatya

Malatya Little Learns Traffic

Malatya Little Learns Traffic; Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture and Social Affairs Department of Kindness School students visited the Traffic Education Park. Visit to the Traffic Training Park established by the Metropolitan Municipality in Yeşiltepe [more…]

traffic week started to be celebrated in scholarship
16 Bursa

Traffic Week Celebrated in Bursa

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktas, 'Road Traffic Week, being aware of traffic and to comply with the rules stressed the importance. Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş, by the Bursa Police Department Atatürk Congress Culture [more…]

tiny traffic cops
06 Ankara

Small Traffic Cops at Work in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality 24.dönem Children's Assembly members, 15 July Kızılay National Will Square with traffic policemen did the inspection. The Children's Assembly 12. has been carrying out traffic inspections since the period, Ankara Police Department Traffic [more…]

06 Ankara

Heads of Capital with Steering Wheel

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the school-age children to learn the rules of traffic and gain habit to put into service in the Children's Traffic Education Park, the capital continues to teach while entertaining the little ones. 3 thousand [more…]

07 Antalya

Minikler in Alanya Warns Citizens in Traffic

Due to Traffic Week, Alanya Municipality, District Police Department, District Gendarmerie Command and Traffic Education Association organized by the traffic activity in front of Ataturk Monument. Alanya Municipality, District Police Department, District Gendarmerie [more…]

06 Ankara

Child Traffic Cops at Work

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality 23. Children's Assembly members of the period, together with the traffic police teams, 15 July Red Crescent National Will Square did traffic control. In order to raise awareness about traffic rules, [more…]