Istanbul Beus System
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Ready for Winter with BEUS System

Thousands of 6 thousand 882 personnel and thousand 373 vehicles will serve to prevent disruption of life in Istanbul. 60 critical point of the city will be monitored continuously with BEUS system and pre-icing measures will be taken to prevent accidents. Istanbul [more…]

bolu road traffic safety week has started
14 Bolu

Highway Traffic Safety Week Started in Bolu

Due to the Road Traffic Safety Week held in May every year, various activities were organized in our province. In the program, awards were given to traffic officers of the year and exemplary driver of the year. Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism [more…]

traffic week started to be celebrated in scholarship
16 Bursa

Traffic Week Celebrated in Bursa

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktas, 'Road Traffic Week, being aware of traffic and to comply with the rules stressed the importance. Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş, by the Bursa Police Department Atatürk Congress Culture [more…]

the end of the city of alasehir
45 Manisa

Alaşehir's Junction Ends

In order to ensure traffic safety and to ease the traffic flow, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which makes important works throughout the province, started to construct the junction project on Alaşehir district İzmir-Denizli highway. Sank in recent months [more…]