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Soylu: 'We Declare Strict Management on Buses'

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, “The concept of the average speed corridor to Turkey kazanwe nagged. In this regard, the Ministry of Transport objected to us the most. 'We're making money off these highways kazanWe're working, if you set a speed limit, we will lose,' he said. [more…]

ropeway is one of the safest means of transportation
16 Bursa

One of the safest means of transportation

İlker Cumbul, Chairman of Bursa Cable Car, comparing traffic accidents with cable car accidents, “The number of people who lost their lives in traffic accidents is much more than cable car accidents”. Cumbul compared with traffic accident [more…]

emergency training in tunnels
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Emergency Training in Tunnels

In cooperation with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department and Ordu Tunnel Maintenance and Operation Chief, traffic accident, vehicle fire, rescue and so on. ensuring coordination in incidents and increasing cooperation [more…]

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Free Towing Service to Citizens from IMM

Free Towing Service from IMM to Citizens: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Police Department, free towing service at certain points of the city in order to intervene immediately to the vehicles on the road and to minimize the disruptions in traffic. [more…]

34 Istanbul

IETT insured travel period began

The period of insured travel has started at IETT: The passenger is insured against all kinds of accidents and terrorist incidents that may occur from the beginning to the end of the travel service. Buses, metrobus, nostalgic tram and [more…]


Kayseri-Tomarza road traffic accident

Traffic accident on Kayseri-Tomarza highway: One person was injured in a traffic accident that took place in Tomarza district of Kayseri. A commercial vehicle with 38 SY 684 plate, under the direction of Mustafa Yalçınkaya, coming from Kayseri to Tomarza, arrived in Talas District. [more…]


Causes of accidents Highway hypnosis

Cause of accidents Highway hypnosis: A little negligence in traffic sometimes causes accidents such as massacre. After many traffic accidents, drivers say the same thing: 'Everything developed suddenly. I don't remember how it happened.' [more…]


The Bridge Overlapping

The Controversial Tulumba Bridge in Mersin Will Be Demolished: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council decided to demolish the bridge, which is located in the city center and allegedly caused many traffic accidents. According to the written statement from the municipality, the council's December [more…]


10 Can Go On Traffic Accidents Day

10 Can Go in Traffic Accidents Day: We remember TRAFFIC VICTIMS IN 16 NOVEMBER. 10 800 NEAR AVERAGE DAILY LOSS AND CAN RESULT IN INJURY with the 'murder TRAFFIC living in Turkey, the COMMEMORATION OF VICTIMS OF TRAFFIC IN THE YEAR 2007 [more…]


Portable Radar Warning Sign Application Ended

Mobile Radar Warning Sign Implementation Has Been Ended: Samsun Provincial Police Department uses the 'Mobile Radar Warning Sign', which is used to inform drivers in radar speed inspections, in order to increase the habit of obeying traffic rules and the level of compliance with traffic rules. [more…]


Bursa Metropolitan responsible for accidents

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality responsible for the accidents that will happen: Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch, 5 people died last month 38 people were injured in two traffic accidents and the report of the commission created by the governorship [more…]


Cars Exit Tram Road

The Car Is On The Tramway: The car driver, who lost control of the steering wheel in the traffic accident that occurred in Kayseri, got on the tramway with his vehicle. Fortunately, the driver escaped without injury. According to the information obtained, Sivas Street [more…]


Overpass action by students and parents

Overpass action by students and parents: Students and parents, who wanted an overpass to be built on the Hakkari highway, where many traffic accidents had taken place before, in Van's Başkale District, closed the road to traffic. On the Van-Hakkari highway [more…]