Akçaray construction is progressing rapidly

The construction of Akçaray is progressing rapidly: The Tramway Project, which is among the promises of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues at the Central Bank without slowing down. Center of the Tram Project, which is one of the promises of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

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İZBAN Wrong Track Passengers Stuck

Passengers were stranded for 1 and a half hours in İZBAN (İzmir Suburban System), which went on the wrong track and did not open its doors. Some of the passengers fainted. Allegedly, İZBAN, which organizes expeditions between Aliğa and Cumaovası, [more…]

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Metro accident injured passengers spoke

The passenger injured in the subway accident spoke: Fatih Coban, who was injured as a result of an iron bar stabbing in his hip in the accident that occurred yesterday in the Istanbul subway, said that he would file a complaint. Fatih Çoban, who was injured in the subway accident in Seyrantepe, is in his sick bed [more…]

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Passengers Lost Metro Line

Passengers Rescued Woman Falling to Metro Line: A woman falling to the subway line in Boston, USA was rescued by passengers waiting for the subway. The security camera also displayed the incident at the 44 year old female passenger in the subway [more…]


Other than light rail system

Kocaeline Light rail system is more convenient The transportation and logistics plan is ready and they will share with the public, Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu said, “Metro is not an urgent need. 15-20 is an annual [more…]


Fast train in Turkey

TCDD started the construction of the high-speed rail line between Ankara-Eskişehir provinces in 2003. Trial flights were started on April 23, 2007, and the first passenger flight was made on March 13, 2009. 245 km [more…]


Basic elements of signaling system

3.1. Rail circuits (Train detection): The equipment used to determine the train locations can be of different types. Isolated Algebraic Rail Circuits: Control of voltage applied to isolated rail regions with isolated algebras [more…]