Giray Bulak, light rail system

Giray Bulak, Light rail system suits this stadium: Giray Bulak, one of the former coaches of Trabzonspor, emphasized the light rail system at the opening of Şenol Güneş Sports Complex. Akyazı Şenol Güneş Sports Complex and [more…]


YHT is also the right of Samsun

YHT is also the right of Samsun residents: World Newspaper Eskisehir Representative Tulay Taskin, the previous day in the article published in the district of Eskisehir Alpu URAYSIM National Rail Systems Research Center announced the establishment of the short name. View Tülay's Full Profile [more…]


Trabzon and Railway

Trabzon and Railway: Trabzon, the sea port from the Ottoman period, whose breakwater was extended during the period of the late Prime Minister Menderes, the Airport established by the late Adnan Menderes, and a proposal submitted by the late Trabzon Deputy Mustafa Reşit Tarakçıoğlu to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. [more…]