Ankara Metro Lines Stations
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Ankara Metro Stations Time and Map

Ankara Metro Stations and Flight Time Map: public transport service in Ankara, capital of Turkey, which Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO rail transport network. Existing Ankara rail transportation [more…]

06 Ankara

President Yavaş: Human Focused Transportation Projects

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, started his duty by promising to manage the capital with a common mind. On the basis of President Yavaş's statement, Başkent Capital of a country, exemplary city of the whole country bir, a new brand will change the face of the Capital. [more…]

06 Ankara

Targets did not meet in Ankara metro

The Ankara metro did not meet the targets: Törekent and Çayyolu metros, undertaken by the Ministry of Transport, could not be integrated with the existing Batıkent Metro, despite the 8 months of work, because the AKP's Melih Gökçek could not complete its construction. Ad [more…]