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Today in History: 18 March 2017 1915 ün

History in History 18 March 1920 Geyve Strait was taken under control by national forces, bridges and tunnels were destroyed. Telegraph lines that provide communication on the railway were cut. Pike to the passengers on the 18th of March 1967 Anatolian Express, [more…]

the dream of the February Antalya for years

Today in History: February 4, 2017 Antalya's dream for years

Today in History, 4 February 1935 Atatürk showed his determination by saying “We will continue to build the railways, which are the means of growth and development”. 4 February 2017 Sarısu-Tünektepe Cable Car Line, which Antalya has been dreaming of for years, was put into service.