World's Fastest Train
27 South Africa

Record-breaking World's Unique 5 Train

Trains, one of the oldest public transportation vehicles in the world, have been in our lives for centuries. The developing and changing trains with the developing technology are frequently preferred in terms of both freight and passenger transportation. to You [more…]


World's Fastest 11 Train

The Fastest 11 Train in the World: In the last 30 world, the importance given to high speed train technologies has been increased in order to unite the growing cities in the world and to carry the growing population fast and high capacity. our country [more…]

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1 America

You Can Design the World's Fastest Train

You Can Design The World's Fastest Train: A designer from young talents is sought for Hyperloop, which is SpaceX's project and will be the world's fastest rail system technology to be developed in an environmentally friendly way! short for you [more…]

81 Japan

World's fastest train arrives

The world's fastest train is coming: The Japanese government is starting to work on mass production of the world's fastest train. The train will be able to speed 482 kilometers. The train is expected to be put into service in 2027. Government of Japan [more…]

81 Japan

500km to Japan

High-speed train to be developed by Japan Central Railways company will reach 500 km speed per hour. Japan has announced its project to develop the fastest train in the world. Magnetic levitation train (Magnev) class [more…]