Izmir children enjoy the report card
35 Izmir

Children of Izmir Enjoy the Gift Card

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Olympic Ice Sports Hall welcomes children and young people who have the opportunity to close their schools. The rink is free of charge for those who bring their report cards, and the stress of a whole period is filled with those who slip on ice. Izmir [more…]

16 Bursa

Is there a security vulnerability in ski resorts?

There are security weaknesses in ski centers: the deaths of two people in the accidents in the ski centers in Bursa and Erzurum, brought to the agenda whether or not enough security measures have been taken in the ski centers. The day before with his mother in Uludağ, Bursa [more…]


Student City Eskişehir discharges

Student city Eskişehir is emptying: Students studying at Anadolu University and Osmangazi University in Eskişehir, which brought great activity to the city, are in a hurry to go to their hometown for the semester break. Approximately 70 higher education students [more…]

14 Bolu

No need to pay a fortune for skiing

There is no need to pay a fortune for the pleasure of skiing during the semester holiday: As every year, the most popular choice for those who want to evaluate the semester holiday will be the ski holiday. Every year is [more…]