izmit cable car project on parliament agenda
41 Kocaeli

Izmit Cable Car Project is on the Assembly Agenda

The agenda item regarding the establishment of a cable car in the area between Martyrdom and National Will Square in Izmit Municipal Council was referred to the commissions. Izmit Municipality started preparations for an important project for Izmit. It has been desired to be established in Izmit for many years, but [more…]

Trams and ring hours have changed
55 Samsun

Tram and Ring Hours Changed in Samsun ..!

SAMULAŞ, which was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Municipality in Samsun and includes the urban public transportation system and related logistics types, updated the departure times of the tram, some express and ring lines. Light rail system, [more…]

New measures to fight coronavirus in basket
06 Ankara

New Measures in Combating Coronavirus in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its active struggle in the Capital by taking new measures against the coronavirus epidemic. While maximizing hygiene practices in sales points, especially in the production area of ​​the Public Bread Factory, public institutions and organizations [more…]

uludag cable car line was taken care of
16 Bursa

Uludağ Cable Car Line taken into maintenance

Those who want to go to Uludağ, one of the important centers of winter and nature tourism, have been warned by cable car. The cable car line with a capacity of 140 passengers per hour with 500 cabins was put into service. In the statement made by Bursa Teleferik A.Ş, "Our facility is for you. [more…]

New measures taken for coronavirus in the capital
06 Ankara

New Measures Taken for Coronary Virus in Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality was on the alert with all its units within the scope of combating coronavirus. New cautionary decisions were put into effect on the instructions of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş. The rental fee taken from the workplaces owned by the Metropolitan Municipality has been postponed for two months. Kindliness [more…]

antakya cable car project is starting once again
31 Hatay

Antakya Cable Car Project Starts Once Again

The "Antakya Cable Car Project" initiated by the Hatay Metropolitan Municipality in 2012 was stopped for various reasons. The Cable Car Project, which will be built from the İplik Pazarı neighborhood to the Habib-i Neccar mountain, with a length of approximately 1150 meters, is starting again. Antakya Cable Car Project in 2012 [more…]

pay attention
16 Bursa

Cable car will go to Uludag Attention

The strong wind started to take effect in Bursa. Uludağ, one of the important centers of winter and nature tourism, warned those who will take the cable car. Bursa Teleferik, which has a capacity of 140 passengers per hour with 500 cabins, [more…]

afyonkarahisar castle cable car tender is finally held
03 Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisar Castle Cable Car Tender Finally Final

The ropeway project, which the people of Afyonkarahisar have been waiting for for many years, is finally bidding. The tender will be held on March 4 in Afyonkarahisar Municipal Assembly Hall. Single-rope, two-way, two-way cabins, 2 groups, 8-person cabin fixed to be built in Afyonkarahisar Castle [more…]

A babayigit is being sought for the kartepe cable car project
41 Kocaeli

A Babayiğit is Wanted for Kartepe Cable Car Project

Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman stated that he did not give up the ropeway project and that two alternatives for the project were on the table. Kocaman also emphasized that he is looking for a small babayiğit for the project, which will be ready to be tendered in 1 month. Canceled and shelved [more…]

Everyone has thrown up Boztepe Teleferige
52 Army

Everyone Flocked to Boztepe Cable Car

After the snowfall, 2.600 people flocked to the cable car in Boztepe, one of Ordu's favorite places. After the snowfall, the interest of the citizens in Boztepe, which is the observation terrace of Ordu, which has a height of 530 meters. With the semester break [more…]

Sapanca cable car project continues from where it left off
54 Sakarya

Sapanca Cable Car Project Continues From Where It Left

The works that had stopped for a while at the cable car station in Sapanca Kırkpınar started again this morning. While concrete is being poured into the construction area, the people of the region are angry ... In the cable car project in Sapanca Kırkpınar Hasanpaşa District, which has been discussed for a long time and the people of the region continue to protest. [more…]

olympos cable car celebrated good night season
07 Antalya

Olympos Teleferik Celebrated a Good Last Season

Olympos Teleferik, one of the most important centers of alternative tourism and one of the greatest values ​​of the Kemer Region, completed the year quite well and celebrated the success with its staff. After a successful 2019 year, Olympos Cable Car Management [more…]

New Year Istanbullular transport mujesi
34 Istanbul

Gospel to Istanbulites in the New Year!

Good News of Transportation to Istanbulites in the New Year! ; Public transportation vehicles belonging to IMM will provide free service on all religious and official holidays of 2020, exam days and school opening. Free transportation in Istanbul on the first day of the new year [more…]

55 Samsun

Good News of the Cable Car to Canik District of Samsun!

Good News of the Cable Car to Canik District of Samsun !; Janik met with neighborhood residents in Hacıismail the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Iron, "one of Turkey's most beautiful ski lifts We'll build Janik," he said. The "Mayor is in My Neighborhood" project carried out by Canik Municipality continues. Eleventh in the Hacıismail District [more…]

No Legal Obstacle for Sapanca Cable Car Project
54 Sakarya

No Legal Obstacle for Sapanca Cable Car Project

No Legal Obstacle for Sapanca Cable Car Project; Bursa Teleferik A.Ş, which undertakes the ropeway project planned to be built in Sapanca, made a written statement and stated that it was trying to create a false perception in the public about the project. Only 87 TREES CUT. [more…]

All details about the Sapanca cable car project
54 Sakarya

All Details about the Sapanca Cable Car Project

The ropeway project, which will be implemented in Sapanca district, comes to the agenda with the reactions towards the work. So what is the Sapanca cable car project that caused the reactions? Sapanca cable car project, which will start from Kırkpınar in Sapanca district and extend to Mahmudiye at the end of the 1,5 kilometer line, [more…]