Cabinet loved YHT

Cabinet loved YHT: YHT's passengers include President Gül, Parliament Speaker Çiçek, Prime Minister Erdoğan, cabinet members and Spor Toto Super league teams. Launched about 4 years ago [more…]

Intercity Railways

TCDD at Fast Train Speed

TCDD Goes at Fast Train Speed: According to the data, 1950-2002 km rail between 52-945 was built annually, while a thousand 9 km railways were built in the last 86 year. Turkey [more…]


YHT will connect all cities to one

Thousands of tourists brought in the city ver gave life to the economy… High Speed ​​Train, not only limited to Konya. It will also reach cities that do not have railway connections nasıl So how will this be achieved? Passengers coming to Konya by high-speed train, Antalya [more…]