billions of gaziray galleon
27 Gaziantep

Billion Gaziray Kalyon to ASL

Billion Gaziray Kalyon ASL: Gaziray is the name of the rail system project that will connect the city center to the suburbs in Gaziantep. Construction began in the first months of 2017. The project consists of different stages. According to Çiğdem Toker from SÖZCÜ; "Past [more…]

btk railway summit transportation summit
06 Ankara

BTK Railway Route Transportation Summit

Iron Silk Road called the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway route in transportation In order to increase Turkey, Russia, Georgia and attended by officials of Azerbaijan Railway Administration Working Group Meeting, 26 Monday, August Ankara [more…]

mersin harbor is breaking records
33 Mersin

Mersin Harbor Records are upside down!

MIP, the Mersin Port operator, set a new record with the ship operation in which the 178 container movement per hour was carried out. Mersin, which achieved a great success in 2018, placed first with its container transaction volume. [more…]

black train freezes back to balikesire
10 Balikesir

Black Train Returns to Balıkesir

The steam locomotive rented by TCDD General Directorate to Yunus Emre Municipality of Manisa is going back to Balıkesir. AK Party Balikesir deputy Mutlu Aydemir, with his explanation of the land train given to Manisa Balikesir a while ago [more…]

mersin port is growing with investments
33 Mersin

Mersin Port Grows With Investments

New investments that will increase the competitiveness of Mersin Port and provide more berthing capacity of the 2 mega container ship are continuing. While the TCDD is operated by the General Directorate, 11 is the 2007 year on May 36. [more…]

tcdd kik meeting was held
06 Ankara

TCDD GCC Meeting Held

Transportation Executive Officer Kenan Çalışkan and Vice President İbrahim Uslu, Mehmet Yıldırım and Atilla Demirtunç attended the TCDD Board of Directors Administrative Meeting. Assistant General Manager at TCDD General Directorate [more…]

tiny feet at tcddden meaningful visit
16 Bursa

TCDD Significant Visit to Little Feet

Private Little Feet Kindergarten has produced a new project with the vision of education. “Education is the kitchen of life. Educators are exceptional chefs who determine what will come out of this kitchen. The standard of each dish [more…]