06 Ankara

Cankesen visited TCDD 2 Regional Office

Can Cankesen, the Chairman of the Transportation Officer-Sen, Erkan Güler, Head of the Ankara Branch of 1 and members of the branch board of directors made various visits to the Regional Directorate of TCDD 2. Cankesen and his entourage first [more…]

Intercity Railways

High Voltage Warning from TCDD to Citizens

High Voltage Warning from TCDD to Citizens: As of March 8, 27 volts of electricity will be given to the railway electrification lines, the construction of which has been completed. Starting from March 500, the Başköy-Boğazköprü, Beydeğirmeni-Boğazköprü, Boğazköprü-Yeniçubuk railway line in Kayseri, the construction of which has been completed, [more…]

06 Ankara

Spraying warning on railway line in Ankara

Spraying warning on the railway line in Ankara: Due to the spraying work to be carried out, it was requested not to graze animals within 10 meters of the Ankara, Eskişehir, Irmak, Çankırı, Karabük, Zonguldak railway line. In the written statement made by the Ankara Governorship, TCDD 2. [more…]


Invisible Heroes Mechinists

Machinists, the invisible heroes of the railroads: 3 spends their days in a square meter area to bring home bread. With the darkening of the engine drivers at the beginning of the locomotive, going on the track for miles. Machinism is perhaps the most difficult [more…]