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TAV Launches New Stage at Tbilisi Airport

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that the number of flights between Istanbul and Tbilisi, which had 2005 flights a week, reached 3 in 47 and said, “The new stage of Tbilisi Airport, the new face of the growing and developing Tbilisi to the world. [more…]

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Hüseyin Keskin period at the third airport

Hüseyin Keskin period at the Third Airport: Hüseyin, the CEO of İGA Airport Management, Inc., established to realize the construction of the Istanbul New Airport and operate 25 throughout the year, is the experienced name of the aviation industry. [more…]


175 paid rent for Istanbul and Izmir

He paid $175 million in rent for Istanbul and Izmir: Attending TAV's rental ceremony, Minister of Transport Elvan said, “With DHMI's 18 public-private sector projects, a share of 8 billion dollars will enter the safe.” SULOIMAN [more…]

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Six airports with viaducts in Gazipaşa

Six airports with viaducts in Gazipaşa: The work, which is the only project in Turkey with six airport viaducts and a runway above, is scheduled to be completed in May 2015. Antalya, which was launched upon the instruction of the Prime Minister of the time, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. [more…]

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3rd airport doping to TAV

TAV's 3rd airport doping: The possibility that the construction of the third airport will be disrupted made TAV investors happy. With the freezing of assets of Kalyon and Cengiz Holding, which are in the group that won the tender for the third airport, within the scope of the investigation, the construction of the third airport [more…]

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İZBAN regulation at the airport

İZBAN arrangement for the airport A change was made on the connection road for the construction of the transition between the Domestic Terminal and İZBAN station at Adnan Menderes Airport. In a statement made by TAV, which operates the terminal, “For safe and smooth transitions, [more…]

High speed train
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Fast Train Revenue Pleasant Revenue

I think 2015 will be a historic year in which Izmir will rise to the first division in transportation. It is announced that the high-speed train that will make Ankara the neighboring gate will be put into service in 2015 after three years. Also known as Izmir-Istanbul Motorway down [more…]