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35 Izmir

None of the Subcontractor Workers in İZBAN

In İZBAN, where the permanent workers are on strike, the demand for the position of the subcontractor workers was rejected. After the regulation paving the way for the subcontracted workers in SEEs to be recruited, the subcontractor working in İZBAN applied once again. [more…]

06 Ankara

Subcontracted Workers on Railways

CHP Niğde Deputy Omer Fethi Gurer, TCDD General Directorate of the SEE Commission meeting where the budget was discussed, brought up the problem of personnel experienced in the institution. Ömer Fethi Gürer stated that subcontracted workers are still not employed. [more…]

2019 years ago tcddye 7 million rubles

2019 Million TL from 7 Budget to TCDD

2019 years 7 million financing needs in the first place 110 38 thousand Turkish Lira with the Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration (TCDD) purchased. 2019 of state-owned enterprises and their affiliates [more…]


PTT Subcontractor KIT Workers with Highways

Will the subcontractor KIT workers working on the highways and the PTT be assigned a position? Which SEE institutions are 2018 What is the latest situation in the transition to SEE staff? With the completion of the subcontracted staff arrangement of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, [more…]

35 Izmir

Staff crisis grows in İZBAN

In İZBAN, which has a partnership structure, the staff request of the subcontractor cleaning workers was not accepted after the private security guards. The bureaucrats of the institution did not accept the petition of the subcontracted workers to be recruited. TCDD and [more…]

udem haksen head peker minimum salary net must be 2350 tl

When to Promote Bank Promotion

When to Subcontract Bank Promotion: Ten million pensioners have finally reached a solution, though not enough. For years, funny running like 1404 TL has been working in poor conditions and maintaining their lives [more…]

35 Izmir

İZBAN workers in the strike await support from Izmir

İZBAN workers in strike are waiting for support from İzmir people: While İZBAN strike is entering its fourth day, flights can only be made with subcontractor companies at larger intervals between Aliağa and Çiğli. IZBAN employees of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD officials [more…]


Subcontractor Highway Workers in Denizli

Subcontracted Highway Workers Quit Work in Denizli: Subcontracted workers working in the 27th Department of Highways in Denizli started a work stoppage on the grounds that they received their wages late and their overtime wages were not paid. At the 27th Branch Chief of Highways [more…]


Commission established for contract workers on highways

A commission was established for subcontracted workers on the highways: Türk-İş Chairman Ergün Atalay, regarding the problem of not being recruited to the staff despite the judicial decision of more than 8 thousand workers employed under the name of "subcontracted workers" in the General Directorate of Highways, [more…]


A subcontractor on the highways blocked a phone call

A phone call prevented the subcontractor rebellion on the highways: Subcontracted workers who were not on the highways, wanted to file a criminal complaint against the ministers. Prime Minister Davutoglu, the ministers to discuss the issue urgent criminal complaint was postponed. Subcontracted highways [more…]

02 Adiyaman

Subcontracted workers block road in Adıyaman

Subcontracted workers blocked the road in Adıyaman: In Adıyaman, the subcontracted workers working in the 87th Branch of the Highways took action by blocking the Adıyaman-Kahta highway, claiming that they were not included in the staff despite the court decision. Highway Department Chief worker [more…]


Subcontracting personnel working on highways

Will Subcontracted Personnel Working on Highways Be Posted: Thousands of lawsuits filed by subcontracted workers have been concluded. When the law showed that the workers were right, the state sued the subcontracted workers in order to get rid of the 2 billion lira compensation burden. kazansickened [more…]


Will the cadre workers work on highways?

Will there be a staff for the subcontracted workers working on the highways: Will there be a staff, whose answer is eagerly awaited by thousands of subcontracted workers? There are some developments on the question. Subcontracted workers are in better conditions as permanent [more…]


Subcontract workers working on highways

Subcontract workers working on highways are waiting for staff: Fixed Yural from road workers Subcontract workers working on highways are waiting for them to be given staff by applying the judicial decision. Sabit Sabit Yural from road workers, ”Subcontracting workers working on highways, [more…]