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The red cable car was well nostalgia!

The red cable car was also nostalgia! He was one of the symbols of Bursa… When the teacher asked us to draw the picture of Bursa, the first thing that comes to mind is either the Green Tomb. Hacivat-Karagöz figure… Or; Snow-covered summit of Uludag [more…]

16 Bursa

You Set Bursaray Railings

On the İzmir-Ankara Highway, one of the important arteries of our city, Bursaray 3. Stage studies are continuing rapidly. Railing on both sides of the Bursaray Line on Hacivat, Balıklıdere and Deliçay bridges on the route, [more…]

16 Bursa

Station Name of Kestel Line Was Determined

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Council will be commissioned in the Bursaray-Kestel stage. The name of Mimar Sinan-Orhangazi University was the subject of discussion in the first station after Arabayatağı. CHP Group Sözcüsü Osman Ayradilli, [more…]

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16 Bursa

BursaRay East Stage will be completed next year

Pointing out that they are aiming to open the arrival and departure direction by wrapping up the construction works in the region until the New Year, Mayor Altepe stated that they want to start the rail system works towards the spring in the first months of next year [more…]

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Bursa-Ankara road will be breathing with renewed bridges

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality took over the Hacıvat, Balıklı and Deliçay bridges built in the 1960s as part of the construction of the eastern phase of BursaRay, which will provide great convenience in transportation. The municipality is demolishing half-century-old bridges and building new ones. [more…]