bagdat felluce train
965 Iraq

Baghdad Fallujah Train Flights Restart

Baghdad Fallujah Train Expeditions: A train service stretching in the desert west of Baghdad, between the wreckage of tanks, cars, bridges and buildings. Baghdad – Fallujah after the expulsion of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) from Anbar province [more…]


Women's Hand

Women's Hand at TÜLOMSAŞ Last week, we visited TÜLOMSAŞ Wagon Factory Manager, Mrs. Nebahat Şahin, on one occasion. He drew attention with his experienced, knowledgeable, inclination and closeness to the subjects. According to him, efficiency [more…]

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06 Ankara

Atilla Makina Construction

ATILLA MACHINERY CONSTRUCTION LTD. Sti. has delivered all of the works undertaken since its establishment to the present conditions in the desired qualities and at the planned time. Completed and ongoing work with customers and Turkish [more…]