Intercity Railways

Konya-Aksehir Railroad Buses Ended

Konya-Aksehir Raybus Expedition Ended: Sarayönü Konya, Kadınhanı, Ilgın and Aksehir, which provides the connection to the Raybus flights, ended. Festive weather, double-ceremonies began the campaign Raybus, quietly removed. Expedition times and [more…]


Relay on the highway

A dent on the Ilgın highway: A dent occurred on the D-300 highway in Ilgın district of Konya. When a person working as a tradesman on the side of the road noticed the dent on the D-300 Highway, he reported the situation to the 32nd Branch Chief of Highways. the pouring rain and [more…]


Konya AKŞHAZI RIVER line demand

Konya Akşehir Ilgın railbus line request Sarayönü AK Party District Chairman Nafiz Solak requested a railbus line that will run between Konya-Akşehir-Ilgın from Ak Party Konya Deputy Hüseyin Üzülmez. Sarayonu district [more…]


Railbus requested from regret | Konya

Raybus requested from Üzülmez AKP Deputy Hüseyin Üzülmez and AKP Provincial administrator M.Ali Dağ came to Sarayönü after the martyr's funeral in Ilgın and visited the AKP District Organization under the presidency of Nafiz Solak. [more…]