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Gebze-Halkalı Improving Commuter Lines

Gebze-Halkalı Improving Commuter Lines: Gebzeiy is one of the most important projects in the world and the realization of a century-old dream for Istanbul.Halkalı Improvement of Suburban Lines and Construction of Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing (MARMARAY) Project for the city [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray will be the heart of transportation

The heart of the transportation will be Marmaray: The rail systems planned to be built after the implementation of the project, which will reduce the distance between Kazlıçeşme and Söğütlüçeşme to 20 minutes, will be the new alternative to the traffic problem of Istanbulers. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Countdown started in Marmaras

Countdown in Marmaras: European side Halkalı and the Marmaray Project, which will connect Gebze District of Kocaeli on the Anatolian side with a continuous suburban railway system, has come to an end. Habertürk will be in service at the stations before 20 days. [more…]

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We started the fight against the Marmaras

The fight that we started the Marmaray: There is a debate that 'we started the Marmaray Project', which the Ministry of Transport calls the 'project of the century' and is considered one of the most important transportation projects in the world. MHP Group Deputy Chairman Oktay Vural, project [more…]

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Marmaray Project Carries Wagon Movements

Moving the Marmaray Project's Wagons: The movement has carried 2010 wagons so far, within the scope of its agreements that started in 410. Halkalı to connect Gebze districts with an uninterrupted, modern and high capacity suburban railway system. [more…]

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Arkas Group builds 1000 wagon fleet on railway

Arkas Group, the ambitious player of local and international maritime transport, has decided to expand its business in the field of railway transport, which has been initiated with the liberalization process. Transfer of cargo in Anatolia, especially Marmaray project and connection points [more…]