butcesi black deli donusen tcdd billion million pounds has been damaged
06 Ankara

TCDD 2 Billion 558 Million Losses

TCDD 2 Billion 558 Million TL Loss The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) grew losses. 2 billion 558 million pounds of the State Railways, which has been turned into a black hole for years, has suffered. Sözcüfrom Ismail [more…]

black Wolf

First Turkish Steam Locomotive KARAKURT

The first Turkish steam locomotive KARAKURT: Mr. Adnan MENDERES, who attended the opening ceremony of the Cement Factory in Eskişehir (Çukurhisar) on April 4, 1957, honored the State Railways Cer Workshop on April 5 and, especially with all the outbuildings of the factories, [more…]

59 Corlu

Legal Fight Continues in Train Crash in Çorlu

The families of the victims of the train disaster, in which 25 of our citizens lost their lives and 340 of our citizens were injured in Tekirdağ Çorlu, continue their search for justice. Reacting to the prosecution's decision of non-prosecution about some responsible, families started a silent vigil in front of the Corlu Justice Palace. In Corlu [more…]

26 Eskisehir

The Heart of Railways - Eskisehir

Guests of the ES TV aired Layout program Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) President Atila Tumxuk, said TÜLOMSAŞ is in power will be able to manufacture high-speed rail, "This State Railways, the heart of Turkey," he said. Atila Tomsuk, Chairman of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO), [more…]



TCDD 5. Head of the Union of Tradesmen and Artisans Chambers of Malatya (MESOB), indicating that the business remained as a wall between the city and Yesiltepe, Şevket Keskin said: Business, administrative building and Gar services [more…]

03 Afyonkarahisar

Huge Investment from TCDD to İscehisar

142 million worth of connection lines and logistics center investments will be made in İscehisar by TCDD. By the State Railways Modernization Service Directorate, by increasing the share of railroad transportation in total transportation in our country to 2023% until 10, [more…]


Behiç Erkin's Memorial Grave

Maintenance of Behiç Erkin's Mausoleum in Enveriye Station: The monumental tomb of Behiç Erkin, the great statesman who achieved great success in the distribution of soldiers and ammunition to the front in Çanakkale and the War of Independence, was built by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Adapazarı-Pendik Suburban Train Arrives in May

Adapazarı-Pendik Suburban Train Arrives in May: The Minister of National Defense Fikri Işık announced that the Commuter Train, which operates between Adapazarı and Pendik, will make 4 mutual trips and the number of stations will be increased as of today. However, the platform works at the stations [more…]

34 Istanbul

TCDD meets with domestic producers

TCDD met with domestic producers: liği TCDD Supplier Days da organized in Istanbul within the scope of local production mobilization were held in Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. In this program; TCDD Board Member and Deputy General Manager Murat Kavak, Heads of TCDD and other [more…]

Intercity Railways

CHP member GÜRER, TCDD has a lot of work to be done

Omer Fethi Gürer, a member of the CHP Niğde and a KIT Commission Member, asked the Parliamentary Survey for the examination of the stations and enterprises closing in the State Railways and the shortcomings and tenders in the tenders. BIG ATILIM UP TO 1940 Republican People's Party [more…]

06 Ankara

Always Passing Trains

Always Passing Trains: General Director of TCDD İsa Apaydın's new post in Raillife We are in the middle of the winter season… As you know, our country is experiencing severe winter conditions this year. Snow depth reached 1,5-2 meters in some regions. Transportation turns into suffering [more…]

Intercity Railways

The trains do not fail thanks to them

Train services do not hinder thanks to them: Despite the harsh winter conditions in Eastern Anatolia, train services continue without a hitch thanks to the workers of the Turkish State Railways. Railway workers, who get to work early in the morning, clear the snow from the rails, digging the icicles in the tunnels. [more…]


Railway thieves in Samsun

Samsunda Railway thieves: One of the 62 people who were detained for stealing and selling 5 tons of scrap iron belonging to the State Railways (DDY) in the Havza District of Samsun was arrested. Havza District Police Department teams, evaluating a notification, were sent to C.Y. in Küçük Sanayi Sitesi. [more…]


Railroad employees want their guesthouses back

Railroad employees want their guesthouses back: Turkish Transport-Sen Gaziantep Branch President Baler Fidan, the railroad owned by the Metropolitan Municipality of the guesthouse was received by the sadness said. Baler Fidan, Head of Gaziantep Branch of Turkish Transportation-Sen [more…]

35 Izmir

e-RAIL project closing meeting held

The closing meeting of the e-RAIL project was held: The closing meeting of the "e-RAIL" vocational training project, which was accepted by the European Commission under the Erasmus + Program of the Association of Railway Construction and Operation Staff Solidarity and Solidarity (YOLDER), was held on Saturday, 29 October 2016 [more…]