26 Eskisehir

The Heart of Railways - Eskisehir

Guests of the ES TV aired Layout program Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) President Atila Tumxuk, said TÜLOMSAŞ is in power will be able to manufacture high-speed rail, "This State Railways, the heart of Turkey," he said. Mechanical Engineers [more…]



TCDD 5. Şevket Keskin, President of the Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen of Malatya (MESOB), who stated that the enterprise is like a wall between the city and Yeşiltepe, said: T TCDD 5, which divides Malatya and Yeşiltepe in two. Business, [more…]

03 Afyonkarahisar

Giant Investment from TCDD to İscehisar

TCDD will invest 142 million connection lines and logistics center in Iscehisar. By the State Railways Modernization Service Directorate, the share of railway transportation in the total transportation in our country until 2023 is% 10 [more…]


Behiç Erkin's Memorial Grave

Behiç Erkin's Memorial at the Enveriye Station: The monument of Behiç Erkin, the great statesman who achieved great success in the distribution of soldiers and ammunition to the front during the Battle of Çanakkale and the Independence War. [more…]