Elektra Electronics will also establish R & D Center
34 Istanbul

Elektra Elektronik to Establish R & D Center at 2020

Production capacity, number of employees, export ratio and R & D investments in Turkey in terms of the low-voltage transformer and reactor industry's leading company, Elektra Electronics, 6 continents 60 countries to domestic and realizes exports national transformer and electronic products. [more…]

22 Edirne

Edirne, High Speed ​​Train Project turned eyes

Edirne turned his eyes to the High Speed ​​Train Project: İlyas Akmeşe, the AK Party Edirne Provincial Chairman, said that thanks to the high-speed train project, investments that will meet the population potential to be moved to Edirne should be put into operation immediately ... Edirne, infrastructure works have been completed and this year [more…]

01 Adana

Fast train project can paralyze traffic in Adana

The high-speed train project can paralyze traffic in Adana: Due to the high-speed train project between Adana-Mersin State Railways (TCDD) in Adana, the underpass in front of the governor's office in Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard is planned to be closed for 6 months. While the project will accelerate the train, the city [more…]


Cappadocia Tourists from the Georgians

Hard Criticism from Cappadocian Tourism Professionals to Deputy Gürer: "The CHP Niğde Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, who made a statement that the fairy chimneys are in danger of collapsing for the High Speed ​​Train planned to be built between Antalya and Nevşehir, came from KAPTİD President Yakup Dinler. Antalya-Nevsehir [more…]


Tarsus Signature Campaign

Signature Campaign for Tarsus to Divide into Two: Reactions continue to the fact that the train line will divide the city into two with the high-speed train project of the State Railways in Tarsus district of Mersin. Train with high speed train project of State Railways in Tarsus district of Mersin [more…]

Intercity Railways

Are the railways privatized?

Is the privatization of the railways: With the implementation of the High Speed ​​Train Project, the increase of the prices decreased the number of those who prefer the train journey. The price of the journey that lasted longer was quite low. There is no regulation on this issue, [more…]

Intercity Railways

He wants train tracks to be taken underground

The Head of the Mukhtar Association Mustafa Naci Güllü, the head of the TARSUS Mukhtar Association, said that the number of train tracks to 4 would be problematic if all level crossings in Tarsus city center were closed and the city would be divided by the walls of the project. [more…]


Tarsus City Council Signing Campaign for Railways

Signature Campaign for Railways from Tarsus City Council: The issue of dividing Tarsus into North-South with the high-speed train project that will pass through Tarsus by the State Railways has quickly become a current issue. With the high speed train project of the State Railways to pass through Tarsus, [more…]


Railway Work in Tarsus

Railway Work in Tarsus: Tarsus Mayor Şevket Can said that the project prepared for the extension of the Adana-Tarsus-Mersin double-track railway to 4 lines should be well studied on behalf of Tarsus. Can, at a press conference in a restaurant, his recent work [more…]

06 Ankara

Sincan Çayırhan Istanbul Railway Project Begins

Sincan Çayırhan Istanbul Railway Project Begins: It is now underway for the project of Sincan Çayırhan İstanbul railway, which will take the 6 hour-long Istanbul-Ankara train to 1,5 hours. 5 projected to be completed in the year and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report [more…]

22 Edirne

Bus Train Waiting

High-speed train waiting otobüsç to Turkey Bus Federation Vice President, Altunhan Company Group Chairman Mustafa Altunhan, soon said that the realization of high-speed train project ... Turkey Bus Federation Vice President, Altunhan [more…]


Durhasan village residents' rebellion

Transport riot of Durhasan Village residents: The residents of Durhasan Village want back the municipal vehicles that were taken away 4 years ago. The village residents who came to the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation could not find a solution to their problems Durhansan, one of the villages close to İZAYDAŞ in Izmit [more…]