Ceva En Green Logistics Company Selected

Ceva Selected as the Greenest Logistics Company: CEVA received the “Best Green Logistics Company” award at the 2014 Asian International Transport and Supply Chain Awards (AUTTZÖ). To set an example in the sector with its environmentally friendly works. [more…]


Ceva Lojistik Rewarded Human Investment Award

Ceva Logistics Receives Award of Its Investment to People: CEVA Logistics, the first logistics company that has adopted the identity of ana investing in people ”, was awarded by yenibiris.com for its corporate members who have contributed to employment for eight years. [more…]

46 Sweden

Volvo chose CEVA for customs operations

Volvo selects CEVA for customs operations: CEVA, one of the world's largest supply chain management companies, will conduct the customs operations of Volvo, the Swedish luxury automotive manufacturer. 60 in the US has been on the market for more than a year [more…]