The beauty of the sea once again appeared
20 Denizli

Denizli's Beauties Showed Once Again

Özlem Tunca Esirgenç, who won the admiration of millions with her program called “I Travel the World”, brought Denizli's unique natural, historical and cultural beauties to the screens. The investments brought by the Metropolitan Municipality to the city and the local tastes were introduced. [more…]

The sea is closed due to the ropeway maintenance work
20 Denizli

3 Days Off Due To Denizli Cable Car Maintenance Work

While Denizli's 1500-altitude Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau were waiting for spring, the surroundings turned white with snowfall. On the other hand, it has been announced that the cable car and Bağbaşı plateau will be closed for 3 days due to maintenance. Denizli Cable Car 3 Days [more…]