Teams for Şanlıurfa Metrobus Infrastructure

Sanliurfa Metrobus Infrastructure Teams are working day and night: Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which has initiated revision work on roads leading to historical places, continues BRT (Metrobus system) and road construction works in the region without saying day and night. in the region [more…]


22 Smart Junction in Urfa

22 in Urfa Intelligent Intersection at Point: Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality “Intelligent Signaling Project X of 1. 5 began to work on the implementation of smart intersection at separate points. Department of Transportation to reduce traffic density and [more…]


Planning of Environmental Roads in Şanlıurfa

Meeting of Planning of Ring Roads in Şanlıurfa: A meeting was held on planning of ring roads in Şanlıurfa. At the meeting where the road investments planned in Şanlıurfa were discussed, the completion of the first ring road was brought up. Şanlıurfa Greater Municipality [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Study on Roads in Yakubia

Asphalt Work Started on Roads in Yakubiye: Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality teams started asphalting work in Kisas, Yakubiye and Eyyübiye Neighborhoods within the scope of road construction works. Turkey's top 10 cities by road network [more…]


Trolleybuses on Urfa Road

Trolleybuses on Urfa Road: Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality came to an end in its efforts to implement the Trolleybus project with the 17 vehicle on a total 28 kilometer route. Having completed the feasibility studies of the project, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality [more…]