concrete road joy in the countryside of viransehir
63 Sanliurfa

Concrete Road Joy in Viranşehir Countryside

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality continues its concrete road construction works in many districts within the program on rural roads. Metropolitan Municipality has appreciated the public by transforming the weathered, aging rural roads into more durable concrete roads with a long life. [more…]

Concrete Casting in Karakoyunlu Bridge Interchange and Viaduct
63 Sanliurfa

Concrete Casting in Karakoyunlu Bridge Interchange and Viaduct

Concrete pouring started in the construction of Karakoyun Bridge Junction and Viaduct, the construction of which was accelerated by the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality. The construction of the viaduct at the junction, which was previously offered to citizens by paving the side roads, is progressing rapidly. Sanliurfa traffic [more…]

Sanliurfa rail system tender was denied claims
63 Sanliurfa

Refusal of Sanliurfa Rail System Tender Claims

With the statement made by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, the 455 million TL rail system tender published in a national newspaper was denied. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality was published in a national newspaper with the headline "The 455 Million Tender Scandal". [more…]

work begins on the road to the catlak and gliding
63 Sanliurfa

Crack and Slip Road Works Start

President Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, who inspected the cracks and slips on the road in Karaköprü due to the winter rains, said that with the completion of the feasibility studies and the tender process that we started on April 1 with our technical friends, [more…]

sanliurfa new kilometer road construction will begin
63 Sanliurfa

90-Kilometer New Road Construction Will Be Started In Şanlıurfa

A cooperation protocol was signed between Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality and Şanlıurfa Governorship Investment Monitoring and Coordination Department (YİKOB) regarding the activities to be realized within the scope of “Community Welfare Services”. With a ceremony held in the meeting hall of the Governorate, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan [more…]

sanliurfada ship license exam organized
63 Sanliurfa

Ship License Exam Held in Şanlıurfa

Initiated by the Ministry of Transport 'Target One Million Amateur Seafarers' project under the coordination of Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Amateur Ship License Course training and exam was held. Launched by the Ministry of Transport 'Target One Million [more…]

sanliurfa car dealerships to the last rutuslar
63 Sanliurfa

Last Touches to Sanliurfa Auto Gallery.

Completed by the Municipality of Sanliurfa Auto Galericiler site asphalt work was started. After the works to be completed in a short time, the main road and in-site transportation routes will be fully available. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

Asphalt Season Started in Sanliurfada
63 Sanliurfa

Asphalt Season Starts in Şanlıurfa

As the weather conditions became favorable, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality started the asphalt season. Mayor Beyazgül, who supervised the works initiated in the Batıkent District of Karaköprü District, said, olarak As the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Preparing for Harran Bus Terminal
63 Sanliurfa

Harran Bus Station Preparing for Opening

Harran City Bus Station, which was built by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, is preparing for the opening. Before the opening of the last retouching works of the Metropolitan Municipality, the region completed the asphalting work. Having an important place in world tourism [more…]

students yks stress at karacadag ski center
63 Sanliurfa

Students Preparing for YKS Relieved Stress in Karacadağ

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality organized a trip to Karacadağ for university students and young people preparing for YKS. During the trip, students had the opportunity to ski in Karacadağ, at an altitude of 919. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality organizes its social activities for young people. [more…]