sultans of the rails carry the samsunu
55 Samsun

The Sultans of the Railways Carry Samsun

Female mechanics working on the light rail system in Samsun, expressed great happiness and pride in their work. Especially the machinists who say that older women approach them with great sympathy are sometimes more beautiful than themselves. [more…]


Samsun Light Rail System 8 Age

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Şahin transferred this public transportation system to Samsun within the scope of the 8th anniversary celebration of Samsun Light Rail system. kazanThank you to Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, deputy of Samsun and former mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]


Samsunspor tram stop at happy end

Samsun SAMULAŞ light rail system Samsunspor stop tragicomic event elevator overpass with the promise of a happy ending. Samsun is quite advanced in transportation, while people with disabilities and children are considered to be quite sad [more…]


Tramway Studies in Samsun were Uneasy!

The fact that the tram line, which will provide transportation for many citizens, extends to the University for the benefit of students, makes the Inner-Faculty line dolmuş drivers carrying passengers to OMÜ uneasy. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality approximately two months [more…]


Signatures for OMU tramline

OMU tram line was signed: Construction protocol of 6 thousand 31 meter light rail line which will pass through Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ) campus, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, OMÜ and contractor firm [more…]

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SAMULAŞ'dan Samsunspor'a Support

SAMULAŞ Samsunspor'a Jersey Support: SAMULAŞ staff, Samsunspor match on the days of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz and Samsunspor uniform service by wearing the uniform of Samsunspor service [more…]

Samsun Kadin Vatman

Samsun Tramways Safety for Women

Samsun Tramways Entrusted to Women: Trams with a capacity of 350 passengers in Samsun were entrusted to 16 women. Those who see the female warriors, whose numbers will be doubled at the beginning of the year, are applauding. Light rail in Samsun [more…]