coronavirus control in mass transportation in sakarya
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Coronavirus Control for Public Transport in Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Police teams tightened their inspections for measures taken in public transportation. Metropolitan Municipality Police teams continue their controls on measures taken in public transportation within the scope of combating coronavirus. Passengers by the Ministry of Interior [more…]

sakarya nostalgic tram tender was placed on the coronavirus
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Sakarya Nostalgic Tram Tender Placed on Coronavirus

Sakarya Nostalgic Tram Tender Stuck on Coronavirus; The tender for the construction of the tram line to be built between the Yeni Mosque and the Nation's Garden in Sakarya was postponed to a later date within the scope of coronavirus measures. By Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

stay at home at traffic lights in sakarya
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Stay Awareness of Sakarya Traffic Lights

Traffic Branch Directorate teams are aware of the 'Stay at Home' slogan at the traffic lights in various intersections in Bulvar, Gümrükönü, Soğanpazarı, Yeni Mosque and Public Hospital where our city has a high density of vehicles and pedestrians. [more…]

corona inspection of public transport vehicles
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Corona Inspection for Public Transportation

After the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Metropolitan Municipality on public transportation vehicles, the company tightened its inspections. In order to comply with the measures, all public transport drivers are called for sensitivity, while passengers are also required. [more…]

Another step for pedestrian safety in Sakarya
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One More Step for Pedestrian Safety in Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality added another step to its steps to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety. With the slogan of “Priority is Life, Priority is Pedestrian”, it continues its efforts to increase pedestrian mobility and accessibility to the next level. [more…]

nostalgic tram story
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Nostalgic Tram Story Shelved in Düzce

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality's nostalgic tram project brought up the nostalgic tram, which was removed after 2 years of implementation in its neighbor Düzce. So what was that nostalgic tram? Medyabar was shelved after being implemented in Düzce for 2 years. [more…]

certified program for public transportation vehicles of sakarya
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Sakarya Public Transport Drivers Certified Program

The bus drivers working in the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality have the Mesleki Occupational Competence Certificate of the City Public Transportation Bus Driver la with the work organized in cooperation with SESOB. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department [more…]

new sonem in sakarya card kiosks
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New Era in Sakarya Kart54 Kiosks

A new feature was introduced in Kart54 kiosks. With this new feature, Full Card can be purchased from the filling points. 10 differentiation of the city by the Department of Transportation of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality [more…]