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France Gives History for Autonomous Trains

France's state-owned railway agency SNCF has announced that prototypes of autonomous trains will be produced in up to five years. According to the statement made by the French National Railways Company SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français), [more…]

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BTS, with France's Railway Employees

Hasan BEKTAŞ, Chairman of the United Transport Employees Union (BTS), in his article, said, “We regret and worry that the French government has enacted a law regarding the privatization of SNCF, which provides railway services in the country. railways [more…]

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Labor strikes in France adversely affect transport

Workers' strikes in France negatively affect transportation: The participation of workers working in the transportation sector in the strikes, which were organized to protest the labor law reform in France and spread throughout the country, affects life negatively. Airline, rail, [more…]

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France Railways employees extend strike decision

Employees of the French Railways extend their strike decision: Employees of the French Railways (SNCF) extend their strike decision in May at 31. According to the declaration of the SUD-rail union, the railway sector workers are expected to assess the strike decision in many cities. [more…]

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Railway workers also on strike in France

Railway workers are also on strike in France: While the fuel shortage in France within the scope of the new labor law protests continues, open-ended strikes started in public transport in the country. French National Railways (SNCF), from last night [more…]

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Death toll rises to 11 in train crash in France

The death toll in the train accident in France rose to 11: While the number of deaths as a result of the derailment of the high-speed train around the town of Eckwersheim, near Strasbourg, in the east of France, increased to 11, it is feared that this figure will increase. road to accident [more…]

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Alstom Trains in Algeria

Alstom Trains in Algeria: Algerian Railways (SNTF) and Alstom company have agreed to purchase 17 Coradia Polyvalent electrodiesel trains. The cost of the agreement made on 29 July was announced as 200 million Euros. Delivery of trains [more…]

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Train ruin in France

Train disgrace in France: France's national railway company SNCF discovered that after spending 15 billion euros on infrastructure renovation, the trains it bought were too high for tunnels in Italy. Nice Matin new newspaper [more…]