a person renting a tram in russia
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A person renting a tram in Russia

A young man named Ivan Kalugin, who lives in Krasnodar, Russia, rented a tram for the 1 diary and gave the residents a free ride. In the statement made by the tram and trolleybus administration of the city of Krasnodar, [more…]

moskovada 1 quarry from 2019 to train ticket prices
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1 January 2019 in Moscow

1 in Moscow From January 2019 commuter trains and electric trains will be increased. In the latest 2017, the Moscow Region train prices will change to new prices as of the new year. New Year's [more…]

eight cars of a Yuk train in Russia derailed
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Eight Wagon of a Freight Train

Eight wagons of a freight train derailed at 19.00 at the Makuh-Lundanka section of the Gorky Railway in the Kirov region, Russian Ministry of Transport said. Eight wagons of the 2131 freight train derailed. in the accident [more…]

my car in the train minibuse
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Crimea, Train, Minibus Hit

There was a terrible accident in Crimea, which Russia annexed while on the borders of Ukraine. Train, hit the van trying to cross uncontrolled passage. 5 people lost their lives in the accident. A train in the Crimea, connected to Russia, through an uncontrolled passage [more…]

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New Silk Road Turkey will grow!

Turkish-Russian inter-parliamentary friendship group chairman Deputy Savelyev, "Turkey in this project (the New Silk Road) market and the export volume will grow significantly. Because this time the freight transport corridor between China Turkey [more…]