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3 in Istanbul flew large project land prices

3 big projects in Istanbul have increased the land prices: Emlakjet.com General Manager Okan Arı stated that 3 big projects in Istanbul have increased the land prices in the region, “3. The joint projects of the bridge, 3rd airport and Kanal Istanbul projects [more…]

34 Istanbul

Eurasia Tunnel to unite from the land

The Eurasia tunnel will also be united from the land: the Eurasia Highway tunnel, which is laid at 2011 and is planned to be completed at 2015, will have two floors, one arrival and one arrival. Only cars and vans will pass through the tunnel. [more…]

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Marmaray | Sultan Abdülmecid Dreamed

Marmaray | Sultan Abdülmecid dreamed it, Erdoğan realized it: Marmaray, one of the biggest projects in the world, will be put into service on 90 October, the 29th anniversary of the Republic. Sultan Abdulmecid's dream "Project of the Century" was inaugurated by Gul and [more…]

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Historical railway is being revived

Historical railway is being brought back to life: Kağıthane Municipality has started to work to revive the historical railway line, the foundations of which were laid in 1915. In the written statement made by Kağıthane Municipality, by realizing the historical railway line, [more…]

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Metrobus Unable to Solve Traffic Problem

Istanbul Chamber of City Planners (ŞPO), against the explanation of Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, that the solution to Istanbul traffic should be with light metro and rail systems instead of metrobus, “We said it, but the municipality does not listen. [more…]

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Istanbul 2023 vision: Rail systems

Istanbul will have a rail system network of 2023 km in 641. While the share of the rail system in public transportation will be increased to 72.7 percent, the share of rubber-tyred systems will decrease to 26.5 percent. An important global agenda [more…]

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You Set Bursaray Railings

On the İzmir-Ankara Highway, one of the important arteries of our city, Bursaray 3. Stage studies are continuing rapidly. Railing on both sides of the Bursaray Line on Hacivat, Balıklıdere and Deliçay bridges on the route, [more…]

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Bridge barrier on high-speed train

TCDD wants to build a larger bridge at the same point instead of breaking the bridge on Anadolu Boulevard in order to provide connection with the metropolitan viaducts and to ease the connection between Istanbul and Eskişehir road. [more…]

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Tram route will change in Taksim project

The number of tunnels decreased from 4 to 1. The first phase of the New Taksim project has been completed… The second phase of the project is the Artillery Barracks. Pedestrianization of the square will be realized with a single branch-exit tunnel. Square's only sunk output, 600 meters [more…]

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Istanbul New Metro and Airline Lines and Routes

The new metro and havaray lines and routes expected to be built in Istanbul have been determined. The projects of some of them have been issued, while the study projects of others are continuing. The aim is to weave iron nets all over Istanbul. Lines are activated [more…]


200 Million Lira

Şanlıurfa Governor Celalettin Güvenç held a meeting with the authorities on the railroad route and logistics center to be built in the city. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Governor Celalettin Güvenç in the meeting hall of the Governorate. [more…]