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Development that pleases logistics sector

UND President Çetin Nuhoğlu, who evaluates the disapproval of the sale of Ulusoy RO-RO Enterprises to UN RO-RO enterprises by the Competition Board; Sektör Our sector, which struggles with discriminatory road tolls in EU countries, is an alternative to road transport in European transports. [more…]


Exporters and carriers in April panic

Exporters and shippers in April panic to Egypt, Port Said agreement will expire in April for the use of the harbor was canceled on the deterioration of relations with Turkey. Announcement that a new agreement will not be made, Gulf and [more…]


Logistics industry alarm

Logistics sector is on the alert: Stating that the political turmoil in Turkey has deeply affected the logistics sector, Batu Logistics President Taner Ankara said, “There is a serious uncertainty at the moment. The number of logistics companies closed in two years has reached 120. [more…]